STRONG ltd. Was founded in 1995 by Tihomir Georgiev,as part of RAINBOW ltd.- a family owned company with more than quarter of a century traditions in the farming , established by his father eng .Georgi Georgiev –highly respected professionalist in the agricultural industry in DOBRUDJA region.
The beginning was set in the village of PRESPA , BALCHIK municipality ,where the current base and machinery park of the company is situated.
With a lot of hard working , knowledge, high professionalism and a lot of love dedicated to every single crop being cultivated ,the company became a wanted partner and is now leading the agricultural sector in our region.


Today, STRONG ltd. Is cultivating and farming together with daughter companies more than 2000 hectars of land in more than 20 areas of DOBRICH and SHUMEN municipalities and is investing in cultivation of high quality wheat,maize,beans,sunflower,rapeseed crops and essential oil herbs and plants.
The production of the company is secured by modern agricultural machinery such as JOHN DEERE,CLAAS,NEW HOLLAND,LEMKEN,KUHN,GREGOIRE BESSON and others,own trucks and trailers and highly motivated and professional personel.
STRONG ltd. is an innovative and dynamic company. The company has implemented a number of projects under the State Fund "Agriculture" for the purchase of agricultural equipment and investments in farms in PRSP.
To respond adequately to the rapidly changing reality of the market, increasingly high demands and increasing competition, our company implemented a number of innovative projects as part of our diversification program for sustainable development.
In recent years, we invest considerable resources and know-how in building and cultivating areas with essential oils plants and herbs.
Currently we are building a new modern distillery for essential oils.
Confident and secure in our qualities, vigor we look to the future.


To create a modern, high production efficiency based on building long-term partnerships with landowners by improving product quality, increase productivity and environmental development in the regions in which we operate.

The successful operation of the company is realized through the use of modern agricultural technologies that do not harm the earth technologies ,that help reduce costs and at the same time - make it possible to produce high quality products that meets international standards.
We are confident that we can return production to new quantitative and qualitative levels, thus providing market with quality products.